Vipassana Running

Today I did something diferent: “Vipassana Running”.
When I started my sunday morning run I thought: – I could start scanning my body for sensations…! So I did. I scanned the whole body for sensations from top to bottom and from bottom to top with a quiet and equanimous mind (did 100% do make it posible). The result was great because, usually my mind has lots of thoughts and most of them are negative. Thoughts about body sensations and thoughts about many things of life. Today I was focused in my body for the entire race. I didn’t evaluate the sensations as good or bad. I just observed them. By the end I finished in 42’15” a distance around 7,5kms. And I hadn’t run for more than a month. Good experience. I’ll do it again. Dont know if Mr. Goenka will aprove this… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Vipassana Running

  1. Muito bom Paulo.
    Além disso adorei a tua experiência Vipassana (tenho de experimentar, sei que existe cá em Portugal), tenho é de arranjar dias de “férias” – só para o ano!
    Forte abraço

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