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Aprender por modelagem. Desde pequeninos que o fazemos sem barra, tendo como mestres, todos os que nos rodeiam. Respeitando física e anatomia, altos, gordos, baixos, magros, novos e velhos, com diferentes proporções tronco-membros, aqui ficam pessoas do mundo real a fazer agachamento com barra: o melhor exercício que podemos fazer no ginásio. De PESSOAS para PESSOA – SEM FILTROS!

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Good things happening in Westminster! #Repost @westminsterstrength ・・・ I got to do something pretty cool today. I had the opportunity to teach a 89 year old how to squat. This isn't the first time I've done it but it's always fun. What you see here is the first time she has been able to stand from a low seated position without assistance or using her arms to help in some time. She lit up with excitement and we sent her home to practice. A couple key points when teaching a person who lacks the skill to stand from a seated position. 1️⃣ get their feet shoulder width apart at the heels. 2️⃣ rotate the toes out. 3️⃣ teach them how to shove the knees out and keep them out. 4️⃣ get them to rock and bend over while driving the hips up. The first session should only consist of about two to three sets of five. Sometimes three sets of three are required because of a lack of work capacity, they just get tired and will regress towards the last couple reps. Following sessions will start with a review and then an increased stress to drive adaptation. A few ways to increase stress. 1️⃣ add volume. 2️⃣ decrease the speed of the descent. Having them control the descent and sit softly on the box is a great way to add stress. 3️⃣ start the squat from a stand and have them lightly touch the box without de-loading before standing back up. 4️⃣ begin loading the squat by holding on to a weight and increasing over time. The same principles that drive adaptation are the same for everyone. The difference is in the scale of the increase in stress. Find a starting point and develop a plan to increase stress over time. #westminsterstrengthandconditioning #startingstrength #squat #mastersathlete #itsnevertoolate

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